Eritrean People`s Democratic Party PRESS STATEMENT    The Eritrean People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) has followed the announcement of the Ethiopian government on June 5, 2018 expressing its acceptance the decision by the Hague Court on April 13, 2002, relating to the Eritrean-Ethiopian border dispute, in which Badime has become aRead More →

  Geneva June 6, 2018 The Campaign Group Stop Slavery in Eritrea welcomes the Ethiopia’s announcement of full and unequivocal acceptance of the peace deal that ended the border war between Ethiopia and Eritrea in Dec 2000. As a campaign group representing the hundreds of thousands Eritreans who have been bondaged to unending military service underRead More →

ፍቕሪ ሃገር በርቲዑ ልቡ ምስ ተቓጸለ ወደይ ጋለይ ንስድራይ ንእስነተይ ከይ በለ ምዉቕ ቤቱ ገዲፉ በረኻ ዝሰፈረ ዓደቦኡ ከውሕስ ሂወት ዝከፈለ ከምኡ’ሲ መመሊሱ ሽሕ ግዜ እንተዝፍጠረ ታሪኽ ትማል ዘለልዩ ብግብሪ ዘመስከሩ እቶም ቀያሕቲ ብሉጻት ኣጉባዝ ዝተኸፍሎ ጽባሕና ክምቅር ትማል ኣይንቅበሮ ዓውደ መኼዳ ኣይኮነን ከምድላይና ነኺዶ ሱሩ ዝረስዐ ጉንዲ ቆጽሉ እንድያRead More →