Crisis and Hope: A Country Guide to Africa’s Top Political Risks By Pauline Bax, Michael Cohen, and Paul Richardson January 10, 2019, 12:12 AM CST (Source: The start of 2019 has seen a flurry of political activity from Mali to Madagascar, with a shock opposition victory in Africa’s biggest country, protests againstRead More →

DANGEROUS LIAISONS Why is Sudan’s Genocidal Regime a CIA Favorite? (Original Source: Remember the campaign to stop genocide in Darfur? That’s never been a big priority for Langley, while counterterrorism cooperation with Khartoum is a huge one. Justin Lynch 01.09.19 4:50 AM ET EXCLUSIVE One of the most respected American diplomatsRead More →

Sudan Uprising III: What can we learn from 1964 and 1985? BY WILLOW BERRIDGE (Source: Sudan has twice removed authoritarian regimes through popular protests. How does today’s uprising compare? Overlooking Khartoum, Sudan. Credit: Christopher Michel. For nearly three weeks now, Sudan has witnessed widespread protests against the regime of PresidentRead More →

(Editor’s note: the original article is in Italiand and it can be read at Wolde Selassie, the #Eritrean who became an Italian general. A life of primates Wolde Selassie, known as Domenico Mondelli, was born in Asmara, in the Italian colony of Eritrea, in 1886 he was a man ofRead More →

Stop Rationalizing Tyranny. Tyranny must be condemned unequivocally and eradicated at once. Get DIA dead or alive now. Semere T. Habtemariam I like the Tigrinya proverb ምእንቲመጎጎትሓልፍኣንጭዋ (Spare the mouse; spare the mogogo, the Enjera-making clay griddle) because it accurately depicts the relation between the tyrant and the nation. MostRead More →

What Went Wrong?: The Eritrean People’s Liberation Front from Armed Opposition to State Governance A Personal Observation Occasional Paper by Paulos Tesfagiorgis November 23, 2015 OVERVIEW This paper discusses how the Eritrea People’s Liberation Front evolved from a liberation front (1971-1991), into a highly successful organization with clear social andRead More →

An Appeal to Dr. Tedros Adhanom: Kassala in Distress To Dr. Tedros Adhanom, Director General of the World Health Organization September 25, 2018 Dear Dr. Adhanom, This is an appeal to you as a director general of the World Health Organization—please consider it a distress call on behalf of ourRead More →

Eritrea: Peace deal could offer hope for reforms, including three key steps, says UN expert GENEVA (18 September 2018) – The peace agreement between Eritrea and Ethiopia raises hopes that human rights will be at the centre of Eritrea’s path towards a society respectful of all fundamental rights, saysRead More →